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I was like you once.
Roaming the land, searching for the perfect instrument. Not too heavy. Kickass looks. Powerful tone. A neck so fast that you could almost forget it was there. On my quest, I found an answer to my question.
It didn't exist.
I realized, in order to make this Excalibur of a bass a reality, I would have to forge it myself. So, like a masterless samurai, I searched out teachers. A famous guitar building Academy. A major guitar manufacturer. An independent boutique luthier. I took the skills learned from all of these masters and applied them to my own vision for building the most kickass guitar on the market.
Now, it's time for your adventure.
If there's anything that I want you to learn from this, it's that you can make your  vision a reality. You just need the right tools. Because on your adventure, you don't want a wooden sword. You want Excalibur. So consider me Merlin. Now it's up to you to pull the sword from the stone.

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